Chimpanzee research

Did you know that chimpanzees kiss, hug, scream, and cry? It’s estimated that the population of chimpanzees went from 1 million in 1900 to 340,000 today.

In 1960, following her curiosity, the 26 years old Jane Goodall travelled to what today is Tanzania to observe, monitor, and study chimpanzees. She observed her social interactions and described behaviours that were at the time unknown. For example, she noted that chimpanzees are omnivores and they create and use tools.

Jane Goodall is an example of inspiring educator and conservationist, and she is devoted to protect our world and its wildlife. She wrote several educational books and children story books. Interestingly, there are several videos of her reading these and other stories about her life and the chimpanzees.

Written by: Enriqueta Vallejo-Yagüe.